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Sample Menus Aboard Jet Stream


  Welcome Drinks & Appetizers:  
  Kir Thai Nom-Manao (lightly salted limeade)
  Guava-passion fruit rum punch
  Thai iced-coffee
  Chai tea
  Beer, hard and soft drinks of choice
  Fresh julienne-cut vegetables and creamy roasted garlic
  Crab and artichoke dips
  Beef, pork and chicken Satay
  Cashews and Brazil nuts
  Red-hot blue corn chips with fresh salsa and guacamole
  Houmous and pita bread
  Freshly ground coffees and a variety of teas
  Fresh local fruits in season and smoothies
  Choice of cereals and fresh breads
  Aunt Jean's Orange-Cranberry muffins
  Dutch Crepes with apricot and walnuts
  Breakfast Tacos
  Col. Mac's Eggs Benedict
  Farmer's Breakfast Frittata
  Tabouleh Greek salad with Zatta (tangy thyme and olive oil) and yogurt/fennel/dill Tsatziki
  Tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil platter
  Waldorf Salad with turkey and cranberries
  Shrimp Salad, Phat Thai noodles with Shrimp
  Fish tacos
  Chicken or lamb gyros
  Cuban sandwiches
  Barbecued chicken and steak marinated in lemon, garlic, soy sauce marinade
  Wasabi mashed potato
  Salmon with chili pesto and wild rice pilaf
  Grilled local catch with ginger, coconut and lemon grass
  Scallops Provencal
  Shrimp Prik King (with green beans in Thai red chili paste) and jasmine rice
  Fresh basil pesto and linguine with Italian sausage
  Key lime pie
  Freshly shelled nuts and dried fruits
  Chocolate mousse
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