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Guests' Comments

An important part of our efforts to show our guests the best time possible is honest feedback. We'd like to share some of their comments.

"There isn't enough room to list all the likes. As you know, we had done this type of trip a few times in the past. This was by far the best. It was much more relaxing than the previous trips. I felt like you were really focused on what we wanted to do. I was particularly pleased to have some fun sailing. In the past that was an area we really avoided. Our instructor on this trip was particularly patient.

One other point that was unique for us, we made friends during this trip. We had not really done that during the other trips. That opportunity really enabled us to spend a lot of time chatting. I suppose that you will charter groups that are less interested in that as they are likely people who already have friends. And since we brought our only friends with us, it was fun and I was grateful to have the opportunity to meet and get to know you both.

I thought the timing during the year was great as the water was perfect for snorkeling as often as we did.

The food was sensational and there was plenty of it."

"Likes: Easy, relaxed demeanor with no pressure to do anything at all – just what we wanted!

Dislikes: Returning home.


"Thank you for sailing us around the BVIs. It was very enjoyable and I wish we could do it again!! Lots of love,

Isabel and Noah, U. K.

P. S. Thank you for your wonderful cooking."

"Dislikes: Too short a trip. I know there is little to be done about this "dislike", but it was really hard to keep the beverages cold enough. For our particular group there couldn't be enough diet cokes or wine!"

"Thank you for providing the best voyage to date at BEYC. Your boat is beautiful and we really enjoyed meeting you and sailing with you."

Jan Gordon
Raleigh, N. C.

"Thanks for our first "mini-cruise". The kids, Nancy and I really enjoyed ourselves and your wonderful hospitality.

Hopefully we'll be back next year for our next adventure. "

Steve, Nancy, Devon, Colby & Pierce


"This was a birthday of all ages! We thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful stories and I especially enjoyed learning to sail. Thanks for the course and my certificate!! The boat is comfy and you both created a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Keep creating these wonderful memories for others. The meals were great!"

Nancy Majoy
Clyde Helms
Chapel Hill, NC

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You both are truly professional and special people. We completely relaxed, enjoyed the sailing, and the food and company were fabulous. This was my first vacation of this type and you made me feel comfortable right away. We will be references any time. You always have a home in North Carolina."

Jack and Jeniifer Stenner
Chapel Hill, N. C.

Bitter End Pro-Am 2005
"Great day of sailing. Thank you very much! Keep creating great memories.

Andy Burdick


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