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Captain Only Charters

Jet Stream offers options for those sailors interested in taking a greater role in the actual operation of the boat and galley (or who plan to eat mostly ashore), and those who would like to add an instructional adventure to their vacation.  Captain Only charters also afford considerable savings, a reflection of the increased responsibilities of the charter party. 

On a Captain Only charter, the charter party actively participates in all phases of sailing and caring for the boat. While the Captain maintains ultimate responsibility, the crew is expected to help steer, raise, lower, and trim sails, keep the boat shipshape, anchor, navigate and, in general, sail Jet Stream. The charter party also takes responsibility for food and drink, including provisioning, meal preparation, and cleaning up.

This option is appropriate for those with some sailing experience, or who may even be qualified to charter a bareboat on their own, but who would prefer the guidance of a Professional, USCG licensed Captain, familiar with local waters and watering holes.

Captain Tim Schaaf has skippered and lived aboard his own boats since 1982, and first gained his USCG Captain’s license in 1988.

For many years, he was also a golf professional, including coaching Stanford University’s acclaimed golf team. He has worked and traveled extensively in many different countries throughout the world, and can regale you with a wide variety of experiences and perspectives. Tim is also a musician, a writer, and a graduate of Harvard University.

Most of all, he is a sailor. He lives aboard Jet Stream full time, and is the ideal person to guide you through the operation of a cruising catamaran. He will expand your comfort zone at your own pace. He will help you decide where to go, and how to get there. A Captain Only charter is a very participatory experience. YOU will have the thrill of being Jet Stream’s Crew, because, in fact, you WILL be!

Check Jet Stream’s rates for Captain Only charters, and note that the charter fee includes fuel, water, moorings, and use of all water toys. The charter party is responsible for all additional expenses, such as provisioning, meals and drinks ashore, extra docking, and cruising permits, as well as rendezvous activities like SCUBA.


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